• 100% Canadian virgin wool - Virgin wool is wool spun for the first time and has not been previously processed. Our throws are 100% Canadian from start to finish.
  • 100% Tencel - Tencel is a wood pulp fiber, manufactured using a closed loop system and sustainable production. Tencel has great moisture management, is smooth and silky to the touch and is natural bacteria resistant fiber.
  • 100% Ramie - Ramie is a plant based fiber that is very strong. Ramie has a natural luster and resistant to bacteria and mold.


Manufactured in Toronto, ON. Hand dyed and printed in Toronto, ON.


All items are dyed and printed to order, please allow 2-5 weeks from placing an order for your shipment to arrive.


All orders are shipped from Toronto ON, Canada.
Items are shipped through Canada Post and are priced according to weight, size and location.
Items will not ship unless invoice is paid in full.
If you would like your items to be sent via a different means of shipping please email us for a quote and details. Customer is responsible for all duties and taxes. All items are dyed and printed to order, please allow 2-5 weeks from placing an order for your shipment to arrive.


Items are hand printed and dyed using the techniques of itajime shibori an ancient Japanese resist dyeing technique that involves folding and clamping the fabric, immersion dyeing, immersion discharge, discharge printing and silk-screen printing.


Shibori is a resist dyeing technique that dates as far back as the 4th century. It is practiced all around the world. The aesthetics of shibori designs vary and reflect the context in which the artist/dyer is in. There are many different types of shibori that involve manipulating cloth by sewing, gathering, binding, clamping and wrapping to create designs. One of the most beautiful parts about shibori is a certain lack of control once the cloth is bound and placed into a dye bath. Nuances appear from cloth to cloth each time a piece is dyed that truly makes every work special and unique.

Immersion dyeing

Immersion dyeing involves placing cloth into a pot and dye bath on a stove top to dye.

Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing involves a frame and silk mesh that is stretched across the frame. The mesh is coated with photo emulsion and exposed with a design, to create a stencil. The screen with image is then used to print onto a surface.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in cold water separately, lay flat to dry, iron as needed. Or dry clean only.